High-quality visualization

Architectual animation

Extended Reality

A very important factor for us is good and clear cooperation with clients aiming at the most satisfying final result. Below you will find our step-by-step explanation of how the  visualization creating process looks like.

The first step on starting the new visualisation is understanding the client needs. To fullfill it we are focusing on every single data related to the scope of project. This process is one of the most important part of the workflow. Good communication with the client avoids future missunderstandings.

Having such informations enable us to start modelling. We can model desired object from the scratch, based on materials delivered from you.

When the model is finished and correct with drawings, we are setting up the camera and perspective.  We are sending a few proposition in different angles in which you can choose desired one. Always we ar trying to set it up in the greatest way, exposing the best features. We guarantee the composition of the scene will be correct with basic photography knowledge It`s a crucial moment while working on visualisations. From this moment we are working only on chosen angles. This provides us to Part 2…

Lightning setup have major  influence to the final result. Mood of an image, moment of the day where visualisation is made of decides how the image is seen by the viewer.  It`s worthy to concider different variations. Eeach setup can generate different perception.

Adding an enviroment layer allows us to see how final result may look like. Realistic vegetation, accurate surrounding can give feedback how the project will look like in reality.

Creating realistic materials is another demanding process. Expirience in this matter is asurance of recieving the realistic final result. It is also very important from economic side of the project. It avoids unecessery changes in executive stage.
After all of this we are proceding to render the final image. It is time consuming proces where all the 3d, lightning and materials are calculated. The result is a high quality high resolution image, ready to be post-proccessed.
While doing a post-production, we are giving a final touch to the image. Adding people to an image, envorimental effects, increacing contrast and correcting colors, we treat an image like a piece of photography in photo laboratory.
Finishing this stage we are on the finish line of our job. To remember, at every point we are comunicating with each other to get the best quality and your satisfaction. Every step is supervised by the client to avoid a disappointment in the end.