What we do?

We carry our projects on the basis of latest technologies and tools. Our clients include leading development companies and architectural firms.Our international experience allows us to carry out most demanding projects.
A very important factor for us is good and clear cooperation with clients aiming at the most satisfying final result.

high-quality visualization

architectual animation

Extended Reality

About us

Viox is a team of professionals who have gained a lot of experience by working on demanding projects in different parts of the world. In the 3D graphics market we stand out thanks to our excellent professional preparation and training in visual artists and architecture.

We display solidity and attention to detail and aesthetics of image. We approach each project individually, being guided by skills we have developed for years. Views, associations and impressions discovered as a result of studies and observations allow us to emphasize best aspects of architectural buildings. We convey the history of places and architecture which are to be created using an image.

Our vision and values we are guIded by when creating visualization:

Photographic approach

Visualization is a photography of architecture which has not been created yet; therefore, our technique is based on classical principles of photography. The range of possibilities connected with that gives us tools to interpret the surrounding and choose the form and its expression which should be adequate and unique.


The strength of an image lies in the possibility to tell a story which arouses emotions. We treat visualization as a history to tell by using the surrounding, light and people. Timeless techniques used in cinematography serve us as an inspiration to create not only standard images of architecture but its portraits with the history of places included.

Architectual Background

Our attitude to visualization is multifaceted and is based on knowledge and experience of the team in fields of visual arts and architecture. Knowledge of architect’s trade allows us to emphasize architectural aspects and focus on details which are essential for obtaining the final result. Communication by using “the language of architecture” allows of excellent cooperation with the client.


Work process

A very important factor for us is good and clear cooperation with clients aiming at the most satisfying final result. In the link below you will find our step-by-step explanation of how the  visualization creating process looks like.



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